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  • Last Few Days

    The close of Ramadan is nearing! Lt us strive to increase our worship, good deeds, and charity....

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  • Help Palestine

    The increased violence is making a bad situation worse. Help give aid to those in need....

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  • Questions about Zakah?

    Questions about how to fulfill your zakah this year? Get your answers here...

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  • Syrians Are Still Suffering

    It's now the fourth Ramadan that Syrian have experienced since the conflict first began. ...

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  • Let's Do This!

    Join the effort to sponsor 1,000 orphans this Ramadan...

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Latest News

Thursday, Jul 24, 2014 “Ramadan 2014 – The Best Buffet of Giving”

On Day 27 of the special Altmuslim/Patheos Muslim Ramadan #30Days30Writers blog project, IRUSA CEO Anwar Khan contributes a post that highlights the humanitarianism of Ramadan… … Read more |

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014 “Hollywood and Bollywood Stars to Attend South Asian and Middle Eastern Red Carpet Event”

Professional athletes, celebrities, actors and more took part in an event that donated ticket sales to three charities, including Islamic Relief USA, which is helping… … Read more |

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014

Reports from the Ground in Gaza

With the following reports, staff members from Islamic Relief affiliate offices in Palestine offer first-hand accounts of life and relief work in Gaza amid the… … Read more |

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014 “Over 100,000 Displaced: UNRWA Appeals for Support”

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, currently working on the ground in Gaza, Palestine, is appealing for additional support as the humanitarian crisis in… … Read more |

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  • Ramadan Reminders

    "Ramadan has come to you. (It is) a month of blessing, in which Allah (swt) covers you with blessing, for He sends down mercy, decreases sins and answers prayers… In it, Allah looks at your competition (in good deeds), and boasts about you to His angels. So show Allah goodness from yourselves.”
    -The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), as narrated by Tabarani

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