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About the Situation

By the Numbers

153 million children worldwide are orphaned by one or both parents

The number of orphans in sub-Saharan Africa in 2005 was 50% higher than that in 1990

(Sources: UNICEF and USAID)

Losing a parent is traumatic for any child, anywhere. In countries where war, famine and poverty are common, millions of children are orphaned and left hungry and homeless. Staying with a compassionate relative helps orphans begin to overcome the trauma of losing one or both parents.

Many orphans around the world are exploited as cheap labor when they are forced to fend for themselves. This lifestyle not only robs these children of their childhoods, but also limits their potential to grow and reach for a brighter future. For these children, time is running out.

How Islamic Relief is Helping

The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said, “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in paradise together like this,” reports Al-Bukhari, describing the motion as raising his forefinger and middle finger together. (We’ve illustrated it in a logo in the banner above).

Providing care and support for orphans is especially important to the Islamic Relief community. Islamic Relief USA donors are sponsoring more than 11,000 orphans in nearly two dozen countries around the world.

With our global affiliate Islamic Relief Worldwide, the total number sponsored has reached 30,000 orphans a year. Each child receives food, clothing and an education. The support is often enough to lift an orphan’s entire family out of poverty. One-to-one orphan sponsorships strive to keep orphans with a family member—allowing orphans to remain with a guardian who may not have been able to afford to care for them on their own.

Full sponsorship costs between $43 and $65 a month—between $1.50 and $2 a day, less than the price of a cup of coffee. Sponsors receive annual reports about their orphan. In addition to this sponsorship program, Islamic Relief also implements other projects that benefit orphans, such as special educational and training centers and supplemental support.

Here’s a breakdown of some programs Islamic Relief has supported for orphans:





Donors in the IRUSA community have a variety of options for orphan care—you can choose to provide support on a monthly or yearly basis via a one-to-one sponsorship, and can specify the country you would like your gift directed to. Of course, you can also choose to direct your charitable giving to a general orphan support fund so that your gift will go wherever it is needed most.

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in**:
  • Bangladesh
  • Chechnya
  • India
  • Mali
  • Somalia*
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Yemen

Donate $43/monthDonate $516/year

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in**:
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Kenya
  • Niger
  • Pakistan


Donate $49/monthDonate $588/year

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in**:
  • Bosnia
  • Egypt*
  • Jordan
  • Kosovo
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine*

*Please note: Orphans originally from these countries may currently be living as refugees in neighboring countries depending on need.

Donate $65/monthDonate $780/year


**Important note: Islamic Relief seeks to ensure a personal connection between you and your sponsored child and makes every effort to match you to a child in the country that you have designated. Sometimes, however, changed political or legal climates prevent us from operating or continuing to operate in a certain country or region. If this occurs in the country you have designated for orphan sponsorship, we will alert you, and provide you with options to sponsor a child in a different country that has orphans in need. Separately, there are certain circumstances in which an orphan you may have been supporting is no longer eligible for orphan sponsorship, including when an orphan no longer requires sponsorship (such as after they have graduated from school and age out of the program), or when the orphan and his or her family has moved. In these cases, we will attempt to find another eligible child in the country you have specified for sponsorship. If that is not possible, we will provide you with options for orphan sponsorship in a different country. Of course, we will connect with you before any change is made, and will keep you informed of developments along the way.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, or connect with one of our orphan support team members: call 1-855-447-1001 or send an email to


by organizing and attending local fundraisers that support IRUSA’s efforts.


by sharing information about IRUSA’s efforts with your social media networks.


to the Orphans Support fund to make a general donation, or click here to begin your One-to-One Orphan Sponsorship.