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Emergency Aid

By the Numbers

Nearly 17 million people live in Malawi

51% of the country’s people in Malawi live below the poverty line

61% live on less than $1.25 a day

230,000 people were displaced after severe flooding in 2015

(Sources: World Bank, World Food Program, United Nations)

Malawi has been exposed to severe flooding since the beginning of 2015. More than 230,000 people have been displaced as a result. The timing couldn’t be worse, either: As the floods came in during the planting season, farmers not only lost their crops, but their livelihoods for this season. Standard household items were destroyed. People have been left with nothing.

The need is especially great right now.

Emergency aid efforts are being finalized, but we need your support to make this happen. Please give towards Malawi Humanitarian Aid generously. We will update you on specific project details here, once the information is available.

More about Malawi

Malawi, according to the United Nations, is one of the world’s least developed countries and also one of the most populous. Poverty is widespread—half of the country lives below the national poverty line, and nearly two-thirds of the population survives on less than $1.25 a day.

Many people in Malawi cannot rely on a sufficient diet, with half of children eating from only one or two food groups—a meal of maize, for example. Lack of enough calories and nutrients have resulted in a situation in which nearly half of the country’s children are stunted in growth.

Improvements in water and sanitation are also needed. One in six people does not have access to clean drinking water, and nearly half of the population does not have adequate sanitation. Awareness of good hygiene is also low. As a result, waterborne diseases are one of the major causes of death in children.

How Islamic Relief is Helping

Islamic Relief Malawi was established in 2006, following an official presidential request for international humanitarian support. Malawi was one of several African countries supported by Islamic Relief’s Africa Food Crisis campaign.

Here’s a breakdown of some programs Islamic Relief has supported in Malawi:




by organizing and attending local fundraisers that support IRUSA’s efforts.


by sharing information about IRUSA’s efforts with your social media networks.


to the Malawi Humanitarian Aid fund to support efforts like these.