Current Emergencies

Help IRUSA help flood survivors

Pakistan & India Flood Emergency

About the Emergency In September 2014, heavy rains cause floods and landslides that have caused mass destruction throughout Pakistan, India, Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and Jammu-Kashmir, and… … Read more |
Palestine Humanitarian Crisis

Palestine Humanitarian Crisis

About the Emergency Since mid-July, the level of violence in Palestine escalated to a point not seen in years. Airstrikes decimated entire sections within the… … Read more |
Help IRUSA aid survivors in Bosnia

Bosnia-Herzegovina Flood Emergency

About the Emergency In May 2014, the worst rain fall in 120 years fell on Bosnia-Herzegovina and surrounding areas. The downpours caused floods and landslides… … Read more |
IRUSA humanitarian aid for flood survivors in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Flood Emergency

About the Emergency In late April 2014, heavy rains swept through several provinces in Afghanistan, resulting in floods and more that caused major damage and… … Read more |
IRUSA's DART in Arkansas

Arkansas Tornado Emergency Relief

About the Emergency On April 27, 2014, devastating winds leveled communities in Arkansas killing a reported 14 people and affecting tens of thousands in its… … Read more |
CAR Emergency web banner

Central African Republic Humanitarian Aid

Residents of CAR have been exposed to devastating violence that has forced many to flee for their lives. The conflict has grown worse than ever, … Read more |

Philippines Humanitarian Aid

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan—possibly one of the worst storms in history—struck the Philippines, causing mass destruction. … Read more |
Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis subpage banner

Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis

More than a year after a state of emergency was declared in Rakhine, Myanmar (also known as Burma), around 139,000 people remain internally displaced by … Read more |

Syrian Humanitarian Relief

Islamic Relief USA is helping provide vital humanitarian aid supplies to Syrians in need, both inside Syria and in neighboring Jordan and Lebanon. … Read more |