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Islamic Relief USA accepts open submissions for grants domestically and, in select cases, internationally. Grants are awarded to projects that promote IRUSA’s humanitarian mission, and fulfill at least one of the following sustainable development or humanitarian relief program themes:

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Humanitarian protection
  • Disaster assistance
  • Health and nutrition
  • Education
  • Zakah beneficiaries

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Submitting organizations will be contacted by IRUSA when a decision is made by the grants reviewing committee about a submission.

Key Policy Restrictions on Domestic Grant Applications

Please note the following restrictions when applying for a domestic grant from IRUSA:
  1. The amount sought cannot exceed IRUSA’s $25,000 maximum allowance per grant.
  2. Administrative costs associated with the project cannot exceed 25% of the total budget. IRUSA expects a minimum of 75% of the grants to be spent on actual project activities.
  3. IRUSA does not award grants solely to fund infrastructure projects (i.e., remodeling, renovation or construction of buildings or other structures, or other capital improvements).
  4. IRUSA does not award grants that are 100% administrative in nature (e.g., an employee’s salary, etc).

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in applying for a Zakah Partnership, fill out this application instead.

Training and Sample Resources

To Apply

To apply for a grant from IRUSA, you will need to provide the following (for specific information about grants for domestic/USA projects, see the numbered list below):
  • Information about your organization (as required in the application)
  • IRS Tax exemption letter
  • Proof of valid state registration
  • A narrative and financial proposal that includes explanations about the following:
    • why you are requesting the grant
    • how the grant will be used
    • what other financial resources are available to your organization