Zakah Partnerships

Across the United States, people are struggling to meet basic needs for themselves and their families. For some, finding food, shelter or clothing is an every day battle. Thankfully, many members of local mosques/masjids and from elsewhere in the Muslim community, offer a helping hand to their brothers and sisters in need. Doing so has multiple benefits, including helping fulfill our religious obligation of giving charity and in providing greatly-needed resources to our community members who are living in impoverished conditions.

How Islamic Relief USA Is Helping

Islamic Relief USA’s Zakah Partnerships program addresses these issues and aims to work with local organizations and potential beneficiaries to develop and implement viable solutions. These are just some of the groups who have benefited from successful Zakah Partnerships program collaborations:
  • Individuals and families struggling in poverty
  • Refugees
  • People who have been laid off from their jobs
The IRUSA Zakah Partnerships program is one of the largest efforts in the Muslim-American community to do this—and our goal is to make it even larger so that all across the United States, Muslims have the ability to significantly and positively affect efforts to alleviate poverty and suffering. Between 2008 and 2011, the Zakah Partnerships program provided more than $500,000 in food, shelter, clothing, financial services and health care to more than 1,000 of the country’s neediest individuals. Some 20 organizations, ranging from mosques to Muslim nonprofit organizations to health clinics, are currently enrolled in the Zakah Partnerships program.

To Apply

Your local mosque/masjid or 501(c)3 organization can also help struggling community members—join Islamic Relief USA’s Zakah Partnerships program to do so. To start the process, submit your Letter of Intent for your domestic (U.S.-based) grant proposal (below). Questions? Contact 1-855-447-1001 or send an email to Kyle J. Ismail at